It all begins & ends with you.


Hello there, I am Natasha thanks for dropping by. I am an owner of a successful yoga studio in Scotland, Yoga Teacher, and Women's Wellness Coach. I also have many other achievements in my toolbox, but the one I am most proud of is graduating from the school of hard knocks!

Things I am passionate about include yoga, the moon, nutrition, and my health.

 I am also passionate supporting & empowering other women to live life to their full potential.

If you are open to the healing practice of yoga and working with the energies of the moon then I promise you will remember your true and authentic self. With this new found awareness you will feel empowered, confident and motivated to create a life aligned with your souls purpose.

So, if you are ready to make changes then I would love for you to join me on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery. Book your free discovery now and we can discuss the different ways we can work together.

It's your time to rise sister!


Anytime, Anywhere

Take the first step of your journey into working with the Moon and her energies to create the life you where born to have by downloading my FREE Awaken with the Moon workbook which includes guidance on the different moon phases, rituals & journal prompts you can use to align with your souls purpose.



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Natasha is a superb teacher and provides an excellent quality of teaching and explanation of yoga and it’s practices.


Natasha creates a such a warm and nurturing environment in the studio and in her online classes.  Whether it’s getting your body moving (when you don’t really feel like it!) or a gentle wind down after a stressful day, there’s always a real feeling of connection through her creative visualisations, clear instructions and endless encouragement.


Natasha brings a spiritual connection to her classes. I can't recommend her enough. l attended the Moon Yoga class with Natasha loved it especially the Yoga Nidra so healing and relaxing.

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