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Our breath is one of the greatest resources available to us, yet despite taking around 23,000 breaths a day, most of us have no conscious awareness of our breath and take it for granted.

The ancient knowledge and wisdom of yogic systems knew all about the power the breath has to enable us to cultivate optimal health and wellbeing as well as a higher state of consciousness and science is finally catching up with well documented studies to evidence it's potential.

Benefits of breathwork include:
-Improved sleep and relaxation
-Reduced symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression

-Ability to process and release old stories and patterns of unhelpful behaviour
-Improved mental health
-Develop responsive rather than reactive behaviour
-Improved lung function and immune system 
-Reduced fatigue and increased energy
-Pain management



Conscious Connected Breathwork is an open mouth breathwork technique in which we actively inhale and passively exhale with no effort. Each breath connects to the next in a continuous flow, so there are no pauses between the inhale & exhale. 

Breathing in this way supports you to not only reconnect to your breath but also your true nature as you allow space for deep self- awareness, emotional integration, and higher states consciousness.
In doing so we start to regulate our nervous system and can experience a release of stress, tension, pain, and trauma stored in our bodies which is responsible for physical, mental, and emotional blockages in our systems.

Conscious Connected Breath is not a substitute for consulting your GP or
medical care provider. In the event of a known medical condition (physica
l, mental or emotional) please always seek advice from a health professional.


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