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Today marks the Full Moon in the DARK, MYSTICAL & TRANSFORMATIONAL sign of Scorpio and with the recent total Lunar Eclipse this morning the energy in the atmosphere may feel a little or hugely intense right now! are you feeling...are your emotions running high?

On the days leading up to this Full Moon you may have been feeling the sting of Scorpios tail as it highlights all the areas in your life that are no longer in alignment with you or where you keep on giving to much of yourself for nothing in return or perhaps where you keep reliving the past.


Because we are souls having a human experience and the moon helps to guide us back on our soul's path of creating a life without suffering.

Lunar Eclipses are also a poignant time of reminding us of our karmic paths to allow us to shed release & clear what no longer serves us.

So with this being a TOTAL eclipse you might find yourself deep in the midst of your shadows with everything you've tried to hide...your shame, guilt, past behaviours, mistakes etc all being illuminated under this Full Moon.

And if that's not enough amplifying the energy right now is Mercury (the planet of communication) which went into retrograde last week. As Mercury slows down in the cosmos it is bringing back our unfinished business & this may have led or lead to confrontation & difficult exchanges of words with people. So try to choose your word wisely to prevent major upsets.

My advice hang on in there & try to use this Full Moon as an opportunity to finally let go of the judgement, punishment, fear & whatever else you may be holding onto that keeps you stuck in the past & from moving forward into the future.

Let your shadows be your greatest teachers and an opportunity for growth.

If things feel uncertain & uncomfortable right now feel into your intuition, the part of you that knows the truth, the little voice inside of you that says all will be well.

It's time to SURRENDER to what we are being shown & TRUST in the unknown.

Sometimes all we can do is have faith that everything will unfold as it should.

Om Namo Narayani 🙏🏾

I surrender to the divine

Want to know more about working with the energies of the moon then join me tonight for my FREE Full Moon Circle at 8pm or download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide available on my website.

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