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Are you ready to finally step out your comfort zone?

If you have been feeling intense energies of late then it may well be that the universe is trying to get your attention as this Full Moon Eclipse sees a turning point in our lives if you are open to the possibilities that you are a soul having a human experience & anything is possible.

The Moon is a reflection of our soul, our truth & inner world & the Sun is the persona we portray out into the world, our ego identification if you like. With the earth casting a shadow over the moon earlier today we are being asked to go inwards & get truthful about who we are & what we want for our life.

Eclipses bring about revelations, awakenings & transformation as they remind us of our soul contracts…essentially why we are here! They spark something within us which often cannot be explained other than this deep inner knowing that we are here for something more. They also tend to bring about situations in our lives that may seem challenging at the time but support our evolution & growth & shift us back into alignment if we do the inner work required.

We were given an opportunity at the beginning of the year with the first set of New & Full Moon Eclipses in April/May to get clear on our intentions & what we wanted for our lives as we begun the new cycle around the zodiac calendar & New Moon year.

Since then many of us including myself have been going through a period of deep healing, shedding, and change over the last 6 months personally & as well as collectively.

Now as this Eclipse portal comes to end we get to see where or where we didn’t step out of our comfort zones to make the changes we promised to ourselves in order evolve & live life to our FULL POTENTIAL.

If we have not been willing to learn from our mistakes or lessons we came here to learn, or have ignored the intuitive nudges, or our gut instinct then we may be feeling lost, overwhelmed, emotional or feel like everything we thought we knew is crumbling all around us right now.

On the other hand, you may have been taking the necessary steps since then & are feeling pretty grounded & secure in yourself as you see your path in life aligning with your dreams.

We are working with the energy of Taurus this Full Moon which is an Earth sign and represents our values, relationships, stability, security and strength.

This moon comes to anchor us into this Taurus energy & show us what’s possible when we realise our worth & live by our values. However as Taurus is a fixed sign if out of balance this energy can manifest as stubbornness, an unwillingness to accept change, chaoticness, lack of boundaries & no sense of self.

Do you value yourself & what you stand for?

If you don’t value yourself then you will find it very hard to feel safe & secure in your sense of self & life around you will be a reflection of how worthy & deserving you believe you are of a life that may at the moment seem far from reach.

Do you always seem to self-sabotage your goals & dreams?

If so that’s because your human mind doesn’t believe it’s possible to move beyond its limitations.

But the soul you knows you’re capable of so much more. Why else would you have these dreams… even though on the surface they may look like everyone else’s… our dreams are unique to us & often a reminder of why we are here.

Taurus energy is here to help us build new foundations & to root ourselves in our human experience so we can place our trust in the unknown & step out of our comfort zones.

It’s time to work on our relationship with ourselves. Often we are told to be selfless which is of course part of our journey in being a human, but sometimes we can lose ourselves in the process or use this as way to avoid dealing with our own shadows.

With this eclipse a few reflective questions to ask yourself are:

  • What am I afraid to let go of & why?

  • Where are am I avoiding moving into my full potential & why?

What fears come up?

At first the inner critic may be shouting loudly in your ear, you’re not good enough, you’ll never be able to do that, you tried & failed before, don’t be so silly that’s way out of your league…etc.

But then watch & what will probably start to happen is the fear of change will arise and the discomfort of what that will involve. For example leaving your job or your relationship or letting go of friends that drain your energy. Or maybe it will mean putting down boundaries or having to reassert your values. Maybe it will mean a change in dynamics, showing up more, being too much, or putting yourself out there.

All of which will push you out of your comfort zone & this is where a lot of us stop in our tracks & choose to play it safe & say not just now & use excuses like the times not right, I’ll wait until the new year…the kids go to school...leave school… I’ve got more money…. etc.

And then that time never comes & we find ourselves back to where we were 6 months, 1 year, 5 years…10 years ago feeling stuck, frustrated, defeated, sad, lost etc.

This moon is asking us to believe in & value ourselves so much that we move out our comfort zones & stop gripping onto life thinking we can control it.

Rather can you open yourself up to life’s possibilities & start living life to the full & have more fun in this messy life being a human.

Use this moon to surrender to the belief that something far greater than us is looking out for us & so we can’t get this wrong.

That nothing is happening to you… but for you!

As we move out of this eclipse season & into another year in a couple of months ask yourself is what you have around you…the job…the relationship...friendships…your beliefs…behaviour what you want to set in stone, is how you are living your life now how you want to continue it?

If so great!

But if not then what needs to change?

  • What one small step you can take today?

  • How can you start to step into your power?

  • How can you bring more flow, passion, love & kindness into your life?

All around us social structures are crumbling & what we were told to believe as our truth is no longer standing up.

We are in a time in history to make the changes our ancestors couldn’t. You are here to stand in your truth.

So how can you move forward honouring your values, your worth & your authenticity. Knowing that when you allow yourself to step into your power & use it in a loving & kind way you support those around you to remember their worth & embark on the journey of fierce self-love to.

This moon is a reminder to stop looking outside of yourself for answers & honestly see where you’re not listening to what’s not working anymore. Know & trust that anything that’s meant for you will never leave you.

So, get clear with yourself. Put your hand on your heart & ask what do I really want for my life?

And start there.

This is a moon of endings but also one of new beginnings. Are you willing to take the risk & step out of your comfort zone?

Be with whatever emotions are stirring right now if you are feeling happy, excited, energetic the use this energy to manifest & create.

If you are feeling sad, angry, lost be in the dark & use this to find the lessons needed to move forward.

Happy Full Moon blessing


To learn more about working with the different moon phases download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide here.

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