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Anyone else been feeling really tired these past few days?

Today marks the New Moon in Cancer and she is here to remind us to slow down, return home to ourselves & make our self-care our priority as she also returns home to her sign of Cancer the mother & nurturer of the zodiac.

This Cancer New Moon is all about coming into a place of being & feeling into our feminine energy. The part of us that goes with the flow, that rests, that plays, & importantly is in tune with our emotions & intuition.

And so, we are being asked to re-connect to this part of ourselves particularly when it comes to setting our New Moon intentions.

But we can only do this by preserving our energy & stepping away from all the noise around us. Personally, knowing the energy New Moons can bring I always try to schedule my days off around about them.

So, if you are feeling tired, exhausted or run down then ask yourself:

-How can I invite more rest into my life?

-How can I nurture myself more?

-How can I allow myself to receive instead of giving?

However, I know this can be difficult as when we slow down we are faced with our thoughts, feelings & emotions. This is what this moon wants, we are being asked to allow for the release & to take a break from being in our masculine energy where we hide our feelings, try to control life, keeping ourselves busy & resist resting.

This is a moon for healing our relationship with our self. It’s time to lean into our feminine side of vulnerability & ask yourself where have you perhaps created a shell just like the Cancer’s archetype of crab around your heart to keep yourself safe?

-Where have you been hiding in your shell?

-Where do you feel unsafe?

-Where are you keeping your guard up?

When we have been hurt, it's only natural that we close ourselves off to our feelings & ultimately our heart. But in doing so we become disconnected to our emotions which are our guide as to whether we are in or out of alignment with our truth. Essentially, we lose touch with our intuition.

This moon is asking you to get to know the deeper you…the real you & open yourself up to life. But first you must open you heart, as if you want a life you love then first you must be open to receiving that love.

Get to know & trust YOU! Instead of looking outside for answers, learn to find the knowledge from within you. Learn to trust your gut feelings!

Come into play of the game called life. Don't shrink into your shell, let your triggers make you bigger. In doing so you will grow, evolve, transform & transcend into the best version of yourself.

As females we are being called to rise. This is the time of the divine feminine. But first we must reclaim all the parts of us we have hidden. The tears, PMT, rage, grief, our unique gifts.

All of it this is what makes us who we are. This is where we find our wisdom, creativity, magic & so much more so let your emotions flow. Let go of the worry of being vulnerable as you can’t create anything from a place of fear.

Hold yourself...everything is about timing so no you've got this!

Messages from this New Moon:

-Dare to be vulnerable,

-Crack open your shell & open your heart,

-Be open to receiving love as much as you give it 🧡

-Feel your emotions as they lead to your growth & open the doorway to accessing your intuition.

- Don’t fight the tide,

-Embody your feminine energy, nurture yourself, go with the flow, play more, laugh more, love more.

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