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This New Moon is here to help you close off anything that no longer resonates with the life you want to create as we come to the end of the astrological lunar calendar.

New beginnings are coming as we look forward to the start of the new lunar cycle as well as the new season of Spring in March.

This moon wants you to...

BELIEVE in your dreams.

BELIEVE you can achieve anything you put your heart to.

LET go of anything or anyone that makes you think otherwise.

No more listening to your mind that limits you!

During this New Moon take time out to be with your emotions. They are your signposts to anything that is on or out of alignment in your life. Your heart is never wrong.

Looking back over the past year, can you see how far you have you come?

Not from a material sense, but from a personal perspective?

How have you grown... changed...evolved?

Have TRUST that even if your dreams seem to be fading rather than manifesting that you've got this.

Don't give up.

The lessons...struggles...challenges they have all been to get you to this point.

Could you have held your dreams if they had came true as the previous versions of yourself?

Now is the time to commit to what you truly want & let yourself flow with your inner wisdom & the rhythm of life.

TRUST that you are here for a reason & that there is a bigger picture for you.

Step into the mystery of the Pisces New Moon & let the magic of the universe unfold.

BELIEVE in yourself.

Say...I am READY!

I am WORTHY & DESERVING of living life to my full potential!

If you're interested in finding out more about working the different moon phases to understand yourself & life better check out my Free Awaken with the Moon guide click here.

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