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New Moon in Sagittarius

This New Moon & Solar Eclipse is here to help us expand, grow & step out of our comfort zones. It is time to dream big, without knowing how we will get there!

Think of the archer archetype of Sagittarius, he is drawing back his bow at his target, but he doesn't know whether his aim will shoot his target, but he does it anyway! Aim for your bullseye.

This was a brilliant analogy by Kirsty Gallagher last night at the her wonderful New Moon Lunar Living Class.

During this New Moon phase take time to write out your dream life, including all your visions and goals for the future. There is no limit to the possibilities in life!

The Solar Eclipse energy today is calling for us to finally address what you need to release in order to rise fully into our power. You are being guided and supported to clear the way, but the final choice is yours.

Can you untie yourself from the unhealthy and toxic patterns of behaviour, choices relationships etc?

Because if you are willing to step into the darkness of this New Moon & be with the discomfort you will clear the energy to create the space needed to plant new seeds of growth. How do you want to end 2020, what do you want to grow in 2021?

See this as a powerful time to make changes in your life, the question is are you willing to make them?

New Moon Tip: Make a recording of your dream life & vision for the future and listen to it daily to keep yourself from getting stuck in your self-limiting beliefs.

It is your time to grow big & shine!

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