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New Moon in Sagittarius

Happy New Moon Blessings. This New Moon in Sagittarius has some magic in the air as it brings with it the optimism many of us may need to put some heart back into our wishes & desires. Forget about the how's, the whys, the buts, the worries, the doubts etc... This Solar New Moon is here to help you release these & focus on what you want to achieve for the coming new year. Have trust in the unknown. The next New Moon in Capricorn is when you can start to ground into the how's & action plans. So for now you have permission to dream this New Moon & to get back on your souls path if you have fallen off. Remember your shadows are here to show you where you are out of alignment. If you stay in them to long then you will sabotage your growth and where you should be going in life. Empower yourself & let go of those self-limiting beliefs, because in the end it is only them that stop you from living the life you want. With this fresh new moon energy celebrate how far you have come since the start of the eclipse season 18 months ago in May 2020. The growing, the learning, the studying, the exploring of new ways that have maybe sometimes felt scary... its all been on purpose! Your soul knows where its going. Now more than ever we need more awakened & empowered people in the world. So if you have been sleeping of late it's time to wake up and remember that you are oh so powerful and start to move forward confidently in yourself as we approach 2022. Live your life with intention and remember every day is an opportunity to create a new beginning. Rather than see this as the end of another year, see it as the start of another new moon cycle where you get the chance to get out your way, explore and go on an adventure with yourself to expand and grow. 🤔Ask yourself who am I becoming this time next year? Then hold the space. Sending my love ❤

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