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The New Moon in Sagittarius happens tonight at 10:57pm.

Do you have a new moon ritual planned? What are your New Moon intentions as we move out of the darkness of the last New Moon in Scorpio & eclipse season?

I have been having a lot of conversations with people who have been feeling a little lost & confused on what direction life is taking them despite the grounding energy of the Taurus Full Moon a couple of weeks ago. This has included myself.

But what if we were to be okay with feeling a little lost from time to time, or be able to sit comfortably in the void of not knowing what’s next?

What if we were to honour the mystery of life without trying to figure it all out or be on our way to a destination?

Life moves in ebbs & flows. When we start to embody that in our beingness then we learn to trust that all is unfolding as it should.

Many of us look for tangible sources of purpose & progress. But often our karma is our purpose & what we learn in our darkness becomes the medicine for someone else’s way out of their own dark period.

So, on this New Moon take a look back through the year, reflecting on all that you’ve been through & recognise the strength, will, reliance, determination & courage it’s taken to get to where you are right now.

Let that be your progress!

Most likely you are not the same person you where 3, 6, 9, 12 months ago let alone who you were 1-10 years ago.

How have you grown?

Can you let that simply be enough for you instead of searching for more?

Can YOU be enough?

On a positive note however, this New Moon in Sagittarius is providing us with an exciting fresh start & a way out of the shadows of the eclipses & Scorpio New Moon.

Over the next few weeks, we might feel ourselves starting to emerge with more clarity & meaning to our lives as this Moon meets her ruling planet of Jupiter the planet of expansion.

Sagittarius is a fire sign & is considered an adventurous, optimistic, liberating, enthusiastic & inspirational energy.

It’s time to let go of your struggles & release your limiting thinking of the world & what you can achieve.

Everything leading up to now has been in preparation for your future vision on your souls path.

This moon is the start of a new adventure & as we move through moon to moon trust you are moving towards your full potential.

The archetype of Sagittarius, The Archer pulling back his bow in order to shoot his target reminds us that there is always a period of contraction before expansion. The contracting & holding back is coming to an end.

It’s now time for you to set your sights on what you wish to create over the next few New Moons.

This moon is encouraging you find the joy in the unknown & mystery of your future.

Sagittarius is also known as the philosophical seeker of the zodiac so tap into this intellectual wisdom as you approach the end of 2022, to contemplate:

  • Who am I?

  • What have been your biggest lessons?

  • What are your visions for the future? What do you believe is possible for yourself?

  • Do you believe in yourself if not why not?

Don’t be afraid to shoot your arrow at your target and dream big!

May this New Moon treat you well.

Lots of love



P.S Have you downloaded my FREE guide to working with the moon phases to better understand yourself & life! If not click here.

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