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To be honest I have lived a colourful life, to say the least with many stories to tell. Throughout my teenage years and early adulthood, I always felt a bit lost and struggled to find my identity and purpose in life. I seemed to just drift from one thing to another, jobs, relationships, never feeling truly satisfied with my path in life.

As I approached my 30th birthday seeking something more I decided to study social care which led me to complete a degree in Social Work.

Working in the social care sector I enjoyed supporting people to live their lives to their full potential and knew that I was beginning to move my life in the right direction. However, there was still something missing.

One thing I was always sure of was my dreams of travelling around the world. So, after finishing my degree in 2016 I decided to pack my bags and left on a one-way ticket across the world. This experience of a lifetime was the turning point in my life which led me into an ever-evolving path of self-discovery and self-healing through the practice of Yoga.


As someone who used to "live in the gym", I had viewed yoga as something to stretch and increase flexibility in my body.

However, travelling to countries renowned for yoga such as Nepal, India, Thailand and Bali, my perspective changed as I experienced the healing benefits of yoga and other holistic practices that gradually began to transform my mind, body and soul.

I don’t recall a pinnacle moment, but I do remember the uplifting feeling and sense of peace yoga gave me as I finally learned to become present in my body, something I had subconsciously avoided for many years. Keen to learn more about this fascinating practice I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2018.

Soon after I returned home to Scotland with a vision of sharing the healing tools and practices of yoga to empower people to rediscover themselves and live their best life. I went back to work in social work and a year later opened a yoga studio Shambhala Yoga with my partner in Stirling, Scotland. Quite quickly I began to feel the pressure of my full-time job which was extremely stressful. It was affecting my physical and mental health and I realised it no longer aligned with my values particularly that of being a free spirit. So, I took the risk and left my job in 2019 to focus on my passion for yoga and vision for the studio.

With my newfound freedom, I was able to delve deeper into my healing journey, which was not without its challenges as I began to face the demons I had to tried to bury.
This meant finding new ways of dealing with my anxiety, lack of confidence, self-worth and all the dark emotions from childhood trauma that I had masked for a good part of my life with alcohol and a perceived hard exterior.


Unfortunately, in 2021 I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) after years of trying to get to the bottom of my irregular menstrual cycle. This condition has affected not only my physical health, but also my emotional and mental health. For a long time, the diagnosis brought up buried feelings of not being enough & unworthy which stemmed from my childhood. I also have Lupus which could also have been a contributing factor in my diagnosis, but rather than let these conditions define me I have empowered myself by embarking on a journey of self-inquiry and transformation to heal myself from within. In doing so I have taken control of my life and my health and even though I may never have children I will continue to ensure that I look after ME as I learn to value and accept who I AM, just as I AM.

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The path I am on now has certainly forced me to face my fears head-on including those self-limiting beliefs that stop us from stepping into our power. However, I believe we can overcome these challenges to live a life fully aligned with our true and higher self. My approach to living this way is working holistically to create a healthier, happier and balanced life that allows us to thrive.


I am beyond grateful for the life I have today and the opportunities my life experiences have given me. I am now able to support and guide women on their own journey and build lives rooted in self-love, self-worth, authenticity and purpose. ​My passion truly is to empower and see people live life to their fullest potential. I believe "We heal the world by healing ourselves".​The style of yoga I teach is for everyone and my coaching sessions include sharing the tools and practices I have gained on my journey of self-healing and with this knowledge and awareness, you will feel empowered, confident and ready to make changes to improve your life and create a life well-lived.​


How is life treating you? Feel free to reach out or ask me any questions. I am here for you.​



HNC Social Care

Level 2 Gym & Exercise to Music Instructor - The Fitness Education Academy 


BA (Hons) Social Work - Glasgow Caledonian University


Reiki Level 1 - Purna Yoga, Nepal


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Om Yoga Academy, Rishikesh

50 Hours Children's Yoga Training - Yoga & Kids 

50 Hour Yin Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training -Gem Maryan Yoga


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