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I support women to awaken and remember who they are using my proven SHE framework which provides the tools to create a more happier, healthier, purposeful and empowered life rooted in self-belief and self-worth.

The SHE framework is a mind, body & soul modality that combines Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Belief Coding®, Yoga, Somatic Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Nutrition and other holistic healing tools..


My main focus is supporting women who have experienced trauma, or are navigating auto-immune, hormonal, reproductive, fertility, perimenopausal & menopause conditions. Our sessions together are tailored to meet you exactly where you are and can include all or just some of the elements listed above to empower you to take the required steps towards your dreams and desires and live in alignment with your highest and best self.

I take a holistic approach to optimal health in all areas of our life and our time together will address areas that are affecting our mind, body, energy, career, relationships, lifestyle to name but a few. Together we will get to the bottom of the subconscious processes, beliefs, patterns, choices and unhelpful behaviours that are affecting your inner and outer life and in doing so I will support you to release, reframe and reprogramme these discomforts so that you can regain your power to transform your life.


  • 5 Week online group coaching programme.

    Starts Jun 1

    333 British pounds


Due to our fast-paced world, and pressure to be successful, women are neglecting their health, happiness and ultimately themselves!

So many women complain of ​feeling stuck, frustrated and disheartened with their current life. Which can lead to a lack of self-worth, esteem & confidence.

What about you? 

Do you feel like life is passing you by?​

Do find yourself trying to please others at the expense of your own needs?

Do you distract or keep yourself busy with work, food, alcohol, shopping or social media to escape your feelings and emotions?

If this is the case you then you might also find that your health is suffering and may be manifesting in ways such as:

  • constant tiredness & lethargy

  • stress, anxiety or depression

  • sleep problems

  • gut & digestion issues 

  • menstrual, reproductive or menopausal issues

  • weight issues

  • physical illness​

Sound familiar? Then why not book in for a free discovery call to see how we can work together to get you back to your best self.


You are only ever one decision away from changing your life for the better and I would love to support you back on the path to the best version of you. 




“I am amazed at how my mindset has already changed in last few weeks.  
Natasha's talks have been so insightful and helpful for me in so many ways.  Firstly for your advice with my low moods and emotional frame of mind.  I have taken steps to help with that and I already feel the benefits so far.
I have also taken your advice and have started investing some me time.  I’m happy doing the ground work, but I have to say, I wasn’t planning on making any changes until the new year, just setting the intentions.
However I have noticed that I am being much more conscious when making food choices. These changes are only small, but the difference I feel already is incredible.  I have so much more energy already and I feeling more productive at work. I can’t remember the last time I had this feeling of accomplishment!!
All thanks to this wonderful mindset / wellness course.
Thank you Natasha from the bottom of my heart!  ”