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Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd June

Join me to welcome in the Summer Solstice and first day of summer over 3 days of rituals to help you REJUVENATE yourself and REALIGN with the cycles and rhythms of life.

Just as the sun nourishes the earth, the sunshine nourishes and provides us with the energy to awaken our inner fire and so we will celebrate the peak of the summer energy and explore how we can use this energy to create what we would like to manifest and bring into our existence over the next few months.

Over the 3 days you will be invited into a short opening ceremony on Monday to release what doesn't serve you as we enter into a new season and begin the process of an optional cleanse on the day of the Summer Solstice.
On the Tuesday we will rise and flow together in the morning through 12 rounds of Sun Salutations to salute and connect to the energy of the Sun and set our intentions for the season ahead.

Traditionally, it is 108 Sun Salutations that is done to mark the occasion and as it is International Yoga Day as well you are welcome to continue on to 108 if you like.

Then on Wednesday we will finish with a short meditation to reflect on how you feel & close our ritual together.

To sign up for this FREE event as well as a FREE Summer E-Book to support you to find balance through the summer months. Click the button below.

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