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Women have been gathering together in circles for centuries and traditionally used to gather around the times of the New & Full Moon to call in the divine feminine energy to receive guidance and higher wisdom as well as a way to connect with other women to hold and support each other.


Slowly, but surely more and more women are beginning to re-connect with each other and I feel called to create a welcoming and safe space to support this journey so as women we feel empowered to speak our truth and share our stories and experiences with our soul sisters.


Due to my own lived experience I am passionate about bringing to light Women's Health topics that we often shy away from exploring in relation to our menstrual cycles, PMS, Fertility, and going through the perimenopause & menopause. 

However no subject is off limits at these circles.


As well as an opportunity for sharing I will also guide you through a gentle and nourishing yoga, breathwork and meditation practice to support our nervous system and to release any stuck emotions and feelings stored in our bodies and mind so that we can fully open our heart and soul to life.


So if you are looking to make more meaningful connections with like-minded women then your invitation is waiting.

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Want to know more about the different cycles & energies of the moon to set intentions, release what no longer serves you and manifest the life you want.

Then download my FREE guide to working with the Moon.


Join my The SHE Collective a FREE Facebook group for conscious & spiritually minded women who are open to the working with the powerful energies of the moon, yoga & spirituality to awaken, transform & create a more purposeful life.

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