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CEREMONIAL CACAO... my hug in a mug!

CEREMONIAL CACAO... my hug in a mug & a favourite part of my daily rituals.

Known as “The Food of the Gods" it originates from the indigenous Aztec and Mayan cultures of Central and South America.

This sacred drink contains so many benefits for your mind, body & soul.

Here are just a few...

🤎Ceremonial Cacao contains THEOBROMINE which is a vasodilator, so it literally OPENS YOUR HEART, promoting better blood flow, improved circulation & potentially supporting cardiovascular health.

💥Ceremonial Cacao is a natural stimulant & provides you with an energy boost without the up & down crash or jitters of coffee.

As a result, you may find more CLARITY, MENTAL ALERTNESS, CONCENTRATION, CREATIVITY & INSIGHTS during meditation or daily activities.

🥰Ceremonial Cacao also contains PHENYLETHYLAINE, which enhances & lifts our mood by stimulating the brains feel good hormones oxytocin & serotonin.

This helps create a sense of LOVE, HAPPINESS & CONNECTION, as well as feeling more CALM & PEACEFUL.

💊It is packed with ANTIOXIDANTS & MINERALS, including MAGNESIUM, which can help REDUCE STRESS & aid RELAXATION.

🧘🏾‍♀️Ceremonial Cacao can also enhance your spiritual practice as it is said to contain ANANDAMIDE known as the "bliss molecule" & gets its name from "ANANDA" the Sanskrit word for Bliss.

Many cultures have used it in ceremonial practices & rituals for centuries, as it aids INTROSPECTION, MEDITATION & a deeper CONNECTION with ourselves & others.

When drank in ceremony it supports us to relax, tap into feelings of love & compassion & open up to more authentic conversations.

Although Ceremonial Cacao has loads of amazing benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone, so always do your research before trying it for the first time.

If you would like to experience the healing benefits for yourself then I highly recommend Forever Cacao. Use discount NAT5 for 5%off

What's your experience with Cacao I'd love to know?

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