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Ritucharya the Ayurvedic practice of living in alignment with the seasons.

“Ritu” means season “charya” means discipline.

Every season is related to different elements of nature. Spring is connected to earth & water known as the Kapha dosha.

Following Ritucharya helps balance the physical, mental, emotional and energetic effects of seasonal changes and also strengthens our connection to ourselves and nature.

Some of the qualities of kapha include calm, consistent, stable, steady, relaxed, dependable, protective, nurturing, grounded, heavy, strong, structured, moist, wet, cool.

When imbalanced, symptoms include, bloating, weight gain, water retention, sluggishness, fatigue, poor digestion, sinus and respiratory problems, low mood, depression, lack of motivation.

The key is to remember that like increases like and the opposite will balance.

To balance Kapha, we want to incorporate qualities opposite to its cold, heavy, slow nature.

Following a Kapha-pacifying Ritucharya routine with the right diet, herbs, and lifestyle practices can help you stay healthy and minimize seasonal complaints like colds, flu, and allergies.

Here are some simple seasonal tips for Spring!

Spring brings a tendency for dampness and sluggishness to build up in our bodies, particularly in the lungs as the weather fluctuates in the beginning of seasonal transition.

You may feel tempted to dress for summer, but keep the layers handy for now!

Seasonal eating recommendations...

  • Drink hot herbal teas like ginger, lemon and turmeric

  • Have a spoonful of raw local honey daily to relieve seasonal allergies.

  • Add warming spices like black pepper and cinnamon to meals.

  • Eat lighter, drier, warmer foods over cold, heavy meals favour pungent, bitter, astringent tastes.

Create daily rituals!

  • Wake up earlier, and create a disciplined morning routine.

  • Tongue scrape daily to remove toxins and use a neti pot to prevent nasal congestion and sinus issues

  • Get daily exercise and fresh air in nature.

  • Move your body, with daily asana practices like yoga flows that incorporate sun salutations.

  • Practice pranayama like Kapalbhati to increase energy.

  • Spring clean your mind, body, and house. Let go of all your unhealthy habits. It's time for a fresh start.

  • Practice Abhyanga (self massage) to boost the lymphatic system, and increase circulation and energy.

These are general guidelines however, your individual Dosha constitution may require a more tailored approach.

What is one ritual you can commit to this week/month?

Download your FREE Holistic Living for Spring E-book for more seasonal practices & tips or book a FREE 30 min Ayurvedic consultation for a more personalised approach to your health and wellbeing.

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