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TREAT YOURSELF THIS VALENTINE with an Ayurveda Self-Love bath.

This ritual infuses the Ayurveda practice of Dinacharya with extra self-love and healing. You can adjust the practice as needed so that you can fully immerse and enjoy this precious time to yourself .

What you will need:



White, pink, red candles

Rose petals

Ceremonial Cacao, Lavender, chamomile, or rose petal tea, Honey or maple syrup to taste

Relaxing music playlist

Lavender, vanilla, or other sweet fragrance incense or essential oils

Rose quartz

2 cups of almond / coconut milk 

11 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of rose essential oil

The Steps:



Set the scene


Find a quite space.

Play some soft relaxing music to get you in a loving mood.

Light your candles & incense sticks. Or diffuser with essential oils

Prepare a cup of ceremonial lavender, chamomile, or rose petal tea. Sweeten if necessary. 



Reflect and write down any past hurt, pain, loss which has impacted your ability to fully love yourself. Notice the emotions and feelings that this brings up for you. Allow them to come to the surface and write them all down.

Then burn the written piece of paper to symbolise letting them go.

Take your power back.

Now answer the following self-love questions:


  • What does self-love mean to me?

  • What do I love about myself?

  • What am I grateful for?

  • What parts of myself am I still working on loving?

  • How might a daily practice of self love shift my life for the better?


Allow these reflections to inspire some loving affirmations which you can write down in your journal.

Heart meditation


Now, sit or lay down comfortably and bring your attention to the centre of your chest to your heart space.

Breath into this space.  Inhale and exhale for a few rounds of breath to ground you into the present moment.

Start to visualise, sense or just trust that there is this green or pink energy in the middle of your heart. And as you inhale this Bright, Pure. Healing, Nurturing, Soft, Calm, Peaceful energy is emanating outwards from your heart space


And as you exhale feel as though all of these qualities are radiating from your heart centre into every cell of your body.

Creating feelings of self -love and self-compassion. Know you are worthy of this energy.


Set an intention by filling in the following sentence


Even though I feel ....(whatever negative belief around yourself may be)........... I love and accept myself anyway! I am open to receiving love and know I am worthy and deserving of love!


Stay with this until you feel ready to take your bath. No rush.

Ayurvedic Love Bath

Repeat scene setting in the bathroom.

Run a warm bath, adding your rose petals, almond/coconut milk, lavender, and rose essential oils.

Place your rose quartz, crystal if you have one in the water to amplify your love intention.

Immerse yourself in the cleansing, nourishing and soothing water. Relax and enjoy for at least 20 minutes.

Revisit your journal affirmations in the bath, focusing on self-love, gratitude, and acceptance.

Closing the Ritual

Stay in the bath until you feel ready to come out. Keep the rose quartz close to you as your reminder of the importance of self love.

You can end your relaxing experience here or continue your self-love ritual with a soothing and sensual self-massage with the oil of your choice. This step can also be done at the start before you have your bath.

I hope you enjoy!

From my heart to yours.

Love and blessed vibrations





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