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Happy Full Moon in Aquarius,

The moon which is another Supermoon peaked in the early hours of this morning, so her energy is now starting to wane meaning it's time to focus on releasing what no longer serves us.

Both my Sun & Moon is in Aquarius so needless to say I'm definitely feeling this one!

Do you know your sun, moon & rising signs?

Knowing these help us to understand ourselves better & when we know these we can find out when is our best time for manifesting, starting new projects & so much more. Let me know in the comments If you would like to find out yours.

Anyways back to this Full Moon.

If you've been following the moons recently you might have felt they are ramping up in intensity which may be manifesting feelings of discomfort & uncertainty as things seemingly continue to fall apart, crumble, breakdown etc. However could it simply be the illusions around us are finally beginning to shatter & the things we have tried to ignore are becoming harder & harder to do so in our process of awakening both on a personal & collective level.

Aquarius is the rebellious, freedom seeking sign of the zodiac who fights for justice for all. But first we must start with ensuring we are treating ourselves right. Don’t forget our ancestors have fought for our rights so we can take our rightful seat at the table.

Are you serving yourself?

In order to step into our greatness we are being asked to see the truth in aspects of our life we may be hiding from including who we truly are.

Aquarius people are often seen as aloof, out there, eccentric to name a few qualities, but really they are just individual & unique with most of them not afraid to show it. They enjoy the company of others but as an Air sign they also like there own space to be with themselves, their thoughts, ideas & inspirations.

This energy can help remind us that there are billions of people in the world but there is only one you. You are unique & you were put on earth to be you, not anyone else.

So if you are pretending to be someone else, or you're following the crowd, this moon is here to awaken you to this & to who could be if you where honest with yourself.

It takes way more effort & energy being someone else. Why not just DO & BE you!

We often fear that we will be judged or abandoned if we allow our true self to shine through but the truth is the right people will always love you for who you are, the wrong people will fall away meaning you no longer need to pretend to be someone your not and new, like-minded people will gravitate towards you as they see the real you.

It is of course scary to break out of the norm, the conditioning & patterns of behaviour, but what's the alternative keep living a lie watching the life you really want pass you by?

Stop oppressing yourself, limiting yourself, reserving yourself! Break free and discover the magic that is waiting for you when you come back home to yourself.

Aquarius Full Moon Reflections

  • Where am I not being myself?

  • Why is this...what am I afraid of?

  • Who am I when no-ones around?

  • What do I need to release under this Full Moon in order to step out of my comfort zone & start to be more of myself?

To learn more about working with the different moon phases download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide here.

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