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Tonight marks the Full Moon in Capricorn and it is a Supermoon, which means she is closer to the earth than normal. As a result you may feel her energies more intensely so take time to ground yourself and make time for some self-care with a Full Moon ritual this evening.

Now halfway through the traditional calendar year this Full Moon in Capricorn is a lunar check point to ensure you are moving in the right direction of your soul's path to become the best version of yourself.

Reflect and celebrate what you have achieved so far this year and look at where you may have given your power away by not pursuing your dreams through the fear of the unknown.

We are in a time right now were we are being divinely guided to shed old versions of ourselves in order to uncover the power we hold. This Capricorn moon is illuminating our karmic lessons so we can heal not only ourselves, but also our ancestral lineages and be the change for future generations.

Capricorn energy tends to bring with it a sometimes harsh reality check with it's very practical, hard-working, earthy and grounding qualities.

Under this Full Moon you may find yourself reflecting on your long-term visions for the future and if you have been taking responsibility for creating them then this moon will bring the activation, inspiration, ambition, and motivation to catapult you forward into the life of your dreams.

However, if you have been clinging onto your old ways of being and staying in your comfort zone then this moon may shake your inner foundations leaving you feeling on edge, unsettled and unsteady. We don't always see it but this is often a common self-sabotage tactic to keep us from really stepping into our power.

Fear not as this moon is here to empower you to let go of your limiting beliefs and anything else that is not meant for your future if you are willing to hear the calling of your heart.

Capricorn is symbolised by the mountain goat, which shows us you need to take it one step at a time. Moving towards your dreams is not about suddenly waking up one day and having everything you dreamed of. It takes daily effort and gradual steps to get there!

You’ll sometimes come across a closed path or a steep hill to climb which takes strength and determination but it’s what you do with the lessons learned in these moments that really matters.

Do you allow these seeming setbacks or challenges stop you?

Or do you trust in yourself and your capabilities and keep going until you find your way to the top of your mountain?

Tenacious, goal-oriented Capricorn will help you take that step, and to plan the next one and the next, breaking it all down step by step to help you to move towards and achieve your goals. This is not a moon for quick fixes that keep you in your comfort zone. This is a moon that wants you to look long term, & take the risk in yourself & your bigger picture dreams that you want to manifest into being.

Remember if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough?

This Full Moon also falls on Guru Purnima an auspicious day celebrated in India & across the world to honour our teachers, gurus & all those who have guided us on our life path.

It is also a reminder to recognise & honour our inner guru as ultimately every great teacher is supporting you to realise the great wisdom & power that lies within you✨️

Ultimately, we are all walking each other back home to the light 🧡

Happy Full Moon xx

Capricorn Reflection Prompts...

-What risks am I afraid to take?

-Looking long term at your bigger picture, dreams, and long-term goals, where do you want to be by the New Moon in Capricorn January 2023? What do you want to have achieved by then?

-What old ways of being & limiting beliefs can you start to release under this Full Moon?

-What is one thing you can do now & every day moving forward to step out of your comfort zone that your future self will thank you for?

To learn more about working with the different moon phases download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide here

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