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The Full Moon reached its peak in the sign of Virgo today. With this being the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox & the start of the astrological calendar we meet a rebirth & transformational point, making this a powerful Full Moon for releasing & creating space for new beginnings.

This is amplified even more with Saturn the planet of structure, boundaries & responsibilities, moving into the sign of dreamy Pisces today giving us a reality check after being in Aquarius for 2 ½ years.

This transition symbolises an end of an era & we to may feel like we are moving through something at this time.

Collectively, there have been a lot of struggles & challenges due to financial, economical & social change. How have they impacted you?

At the same time the last 2 years has seen a massive & positive shift in our collective consciousness & many of us are now awakening to that fact that all isn’t what it appears to be when it comes to our reality.

Take time to reflect over the past 2 ½ years…what are you celebrating & what are you finally ready to release?

Virgo is an earth sign & this moon is here to ground you down to create some stability in your life.

However, with the Sun still in Pisces illuminating this Full Moon you may feel a little indecisive or confused as one minute you are tapping into the intuitive energy of Pisces of wishful thinking, dreaming up ideas, then the next the practical & organised Virgo energy will be pulling you to get clear on your plans.

This might cause you to feel a little anxious as you over analyse certain areas of your life. Pisces energy likes to go with the flow & act on intuition, whereas logical Virgo energy may bring fears of what could go wrong if you surrender to the unknown.

Go easy on yourself & see any self-doubt creeping in as not a time to stop what you are doing, but a trigger to move forward.

Virgo is also known as the healer of the zodiac & this moon is shining a light on our relationship with our self & our wellbeing.

Have you been feeling exhausted, burned out or stressed lately, Are you struggling?

What’s causing you to feel that way?

Do you make time for yourself?

Do you put yourself first?

Get still & listen to your body, mind & heart. What do you need?

Virgo likes to create structure & routines so look at your daily rituals & habits do they make you feel good?

Are they supporting you to be the best version of yourself?

If not then how can you devote more time to healing practices that support you to love, honour & value yourself more?

Start by creating acts of devotion that support you to feel good & return home to yourself.

The only thing you can ever be sure about is your own actions no one else’s. So show up for yourself everyday even if it feels no one else is, empower yourself by sticking to your daily rituals & intentions. This will help you to create the life you want.

This truth seeking moon is asking you to take responsibility for what you say you & leave behind all that is no longer in alignment with who you are now.

It’s time for a spring clean to make way for brighter days ahead.

Look at your work, home, relationships, beliefs, habits, routines, behaviours, thoughts & feelings.

What is no longer serving your growth & evolution?

Deep down if you are honest with yourself you probably already know!

Stop looking outside yourself for the answers. The guidance...wisdom...everything you need is within you!

All the books, gurus, spiritual teachers, coaches, mentors etc only show you the way back to yourself. Your soul is waiting for you to realise that it holds all the greatest wisdom you will ever need. It already knows your destiny, it choose to be here, are you listening to what it’s calling you to do? Can you trust your inner voice?

Use this Full Moon to get so rooted & grounded in yourself.

Discipline yourself & learn to find the magic in the mundane.

If fears come to the surface, keep coming back to your rituals & time for you, especially when things feel shaky, overwhelming, or you feel lost.

Have faith! The universe is always testing us to see if we can handle what we say we want by putting perceived challenges & obstacles in our way.

You have chosen to be here to experience one of the biggest shifts in consciousness. It’s time for you to follow your heart & step up.

If you're interested in finding out more about working the different moon phases to understand yourself & life better check out my Free Awaken with the Moon guide here.

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