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The Full Moon in the early hours of this morning also known as the ‘Cold Moon’ in December certainly brought a chill with it, as we enter the month of winter. I know I am definitely ready for hibernation!

So what else does this moon have in store for us?

This Full Moon in Gemini is the final one of the year & it is here to illuminate what needs to change or be released as we move into a new year.

Gemini is an air sign associated with our curiosity, inspiration, potential, thoughts, communication & intellect. Now is the perfect time to slow down, go inwards & reflect on your experience of the past year. If you are feeling out of balance during this full moon phase you might find yourself in your mind overthinking, doubting & questioning yourself more than usual.

Are there choices or changes that need to be made? Is it a case of head vs heart when it comes to decisions?

If so you may also be feeling anxious & overwhelmed by everything particularly if you're not where you want to be.

Now is a good time to focus on WHY decisions need to happen, trusting that HOW they will happen will follow.

As always we are asked to trust that our intuition will guide us in the right direction. Making changes & decisions might feel scary, but deep down we always know what’s right. Our intuition will say just do it, all will be okay. The trouble is we don’t trust it enough.

I know this perspective can be challenging, especially if you are on a spiritual path which logically can’t be understood by our mind that likes to process things in a logical fashion. However, our spiritual journey takes time & faith in the unknown journey ahead.

Additionally, with Mars the planet of war, action, drive, motivation & desire in retrograde & aligned with the Gemini full moon you may also be feeling emotions like anger, irritation or frustration coming to the surface.

Gemini's archetype is the Twins, representing our ability to look at things from different viewpoints. Although it may seem that random outbursts are occurring out of nowhere, if you get really honest with yourself & sit with the emotions that are arising you may find that you are more annoyed with yourself and the broken promises you keep making to yourself.

Mars is here to shake things as we move into 2023! Use your uncomfortable feelings as drivers for change under this Full Moon!

  • Where have you ignored your intuition & signs that things weren’t right?

  • Where have you allowed yourself to fall back into old patterns of behaviours?

  • Where have you finally had enough?

  • Who does your future self want you to be this time next year? What wouldn’t they be putting up with?

Our lives are the result of our belief systems & stories we tell ourselves. This moon is also aligning with Jupiter the planet of expansion & Neptune the planet of spiritual practices, our dreams, the unseen & divine. These planets are a reminder that our thoughts become our reality.

Where are you repeating the same patterns of behaviour, thoughts, actions?

These narratives help us to manage, control & make life more predictable, but they also limit & close our minds to new possibilities. However, our stories can be rewritten at any time. This moon is here to help us shift our perspectives & provide the inspiration we need to break away from old narratives that no longer serve us.

  • Are your thoughts a vibrational match for what you want to manifest?

  • Do you believe in yourself?

  • Do you believe you are worthy & deserving of the life you desire?

Feeling into the spiritual energy of Neptune which is just out of retrograde you may feel yourself being called back to your spiritual practices or having the motivation to start one or gain more knowledge around spirituality.

Often at this time of the year we fall away from our sacred rituals & practices that ground & reconnect us back to ourselves so try to commit to getting back on track if you have.

We are currently in the darkest time of the year before we move to towards the Winter Solstice, & the light that comes in the new year.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of us, personally as well as collectively. However, as the saying goes the dark always comes before the dawn, & the contraction before the expansion.

Astrologists forecast big things for next year & say this year has been the preparation for what’s coming. Rather than think what you should do be doing with your life, get truthful & ask yourself what do you really want to do with your life.

Reflections for this Full Moon:

  • How have you felt emotionally in the past few days running up to this full moon?

  • What thoughts are trying to get your attention in the run up to this final full moon of the year?

  • Where in your life is change needed and what scares you about making these changes?

  • What didn’t work out for you?

  • What’s still upsetting you?

  • What are you saying thanks for nothing & farewell to in 2022?

  • What will you do differently next year?

  • What different choices would you make?

  • What have you known for a long time that you are choosing to ignore?

  • Will you choose you next year?

It's time to for deep forgiveness, letting go & surrender under this full moon as well as the opportunity to celebrate, give thanks & gratitude for another year!

Lots of love



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