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Full moon in Sagittarius affirmation. I am open to the possibilities of life

Today marks the Full Moon in Sagittarius and it is a Supermoon meaning it is closer to earth and will be shining even brighter than normal and she's asking you to do the same. Sagittarius energy brings with it the fire and energy to go out there and seize life. Life is an adventure and we are being reminded to go out there and pursue our dreams, to taste the sense of freedom and have more fun. So honestly ask yourself: ✨️Where are you holding back in your life? ✨️Where do you feel constricted, bound, tied, suffocated or claustrophobic? We are being asked to look at areas in our life where we don't feel free to be and do what we want. So next ask yourself: ✨️What makes you feel good? ✨️What makes you feel alive? ✨️What are you passionate about? It is time to live a little and do more of what makes your heart happy, when you do your mind will follow. And don't worry if you're not where you want to be right now the optimistic energy of this Full Moon is asking you to believe in the unseen and trust that if you step out of your comfort zone all will be ok. Whether it's travelling, learning something new, looking for a new job, re-evaluating relationships etc this moon has your back. And even if things don't go as expected you can always come back to where you are, but if you don't explore your options then you will stay stuck in the limits of your mind. Life is an adventure are you willing to go on the journey? To find out more about working with the moon phases to help you create the best version of you download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide here

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