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Today marks the New Moon in Leo and it is here to remind you that it is your time to shine! Not only that but in the spiritual world today’s new moon is extra powerful as it marks the opening of the magical Lions Gate portal which will peak on 8th August and close on the Full Moon in Aquarius.

The Lions Gate Portal occurs when the bright blue fixed star Sirius the brightest star in the galaxy, aligns with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. When this connects with the sun in Leo, it is believed to create intense and powerful energies to awaken our souls. In ancient civilisations the portal’s opening symbolises a time of higher consciousness, re-birth and spiritual awakening. It will be most active on 8th August. 8 in numerology the number 8 symbolises manifestation, expansion, and infinity.

Leo is a fire sign and its ruling planet is the sun and as we enter this portal many people including myself may have been going through some ‘dark nights of the soul’ recently! If you have been feeling lost or things have been falling apart around you then this new moon will support you to remember who you were before the limiting beliefs of everyone else and the world took hold of you.

Change and uncertainty are an inevitable part of life, and even though it can feel uncomfortable, if we open ourselves up to both they can teach us how to grow and evolve into our full potential. If your perception of reality is being shaken up and things are feeling uncertain or unsteady in your life right now can you allow yourself to breakdown to break through.

Leo’s archetype is the lion, and this moon is here to help you own who you are, face your fears and provide you with the trust, courage, and strength to bravely stand in your power and authenticity.

We are in a time of great awakening…there have been talks of ‘The Great Reset’ in society but we to are being called to reset and awaken to what we no longer want and remember our soul’s contract of why we are here!

We often wonder what our purposes are, but you are your purpose! Believe that your soul chose to come here at this time. You came here on purpose! You are on purpose!

It’s time to break free, step up, show up, align with your higher self and shine your light into the world.

Leo energy is also associated with our hearts and reminds us to always come back to our hearts and the qualities of love, gratitude, and abundance. We all have a role to play in creating a better world for ourselves and future generations and it begins with leading from a place of love.

Everyday start the day by asking…

  • How can I start to love myself and life more?

  • How can I add more love into the life of others?

Let your heart be your guide.

With the Lionsgate portal opening today use these next few weeks to manifest and create the life of your heart’s desires. Our consciousness is being expanded during this high vibrational time so be brave, be bold, be fun, be wild, and most importantly be unashamedly you.

There are billions and billions of people in the world but only one you!

Breathe your fire out into the world.

Roar louder and let everybody see and hear your voice.

Set those big intentions as this is not a time to play small.

Believe in the magic of the unknown and trust your dreams can and will come true.

Happy New Moon xx

New Moon in Leo Soul Prompts...

  • What parts of me have been awakening?

  • What truths are arising within me?

  • What visons, dreams, desires, and ideas keep coming to me?

  • How can I begin to reveal more of who I truly am to the world?

  • Knowing that I can have anything my heart desires, what do I want to manifest under this Lionsgate new moon?


To learn more about working with the different moon phases download my FREE Awaken with the Moon guide here

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