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What if we leave the intention setting for now & most definitely scrap those New Years Resolutions?

As we move through the last couple of days of 2022 this period in between Christmas & New Year can feel a bit of an overindulgent time of binging on things we wouldn't normally from to much food to alcohol to things on TV to shopping etc.

Or you might have a full schedule of visiting friends or family. As fun as it is at the time this time of the year can often leave us feeling run down by the time we get to the New Year.

I know it's difficult but do try & find a balance so not to let all your self- care practices go.

If you have some free time on your hands over the holidays this is a great time for stillness, quiet-time & reflection as we head into the final days of the year.

Instead of beating ourselves up & setting unrealistic resolutions for January, setting intentions will serve you better.

However, you might not be feeling quite ready for new beginnings just yet. This is certainly the case for me right now as I currently nurse the 2nd wind of a chest cold which means I have had to put a few things I had planned to start in the New Year on hold until I feel better.

As you might know I love to find guidance in the astrological goings on & yesterday the planet Mercury went into retrograde so I believe this has something to do with the 'pull back from it' all energy I am feeling right now.

Retrograde means that a planet slows down & earth overtakes it. It give the optical illusion that it is traveling backwards.

Mercury retrograde can cause a lot of chaos especially when it comes to communication, technology, starting new projects, investing, signing contracts, purchasing large goods & travelling.

During this time of retrograde we are being guided to slow down, shift our perspective & reconsider our goals & intentions instead of rushing to set them in stone as we move into the next chapter of our lives.

This might seem counter intuitive as we are conditioned to see the 1st January as the day we make resolutions of change.

Resolutions are something I have fell away from over the years as I prefer to set intentions for the year & create a plan of action to move forward with in Spring.

Last week we also had the New Moon in Capricorn the sign of organisation, career, ambition, structure, action & practicality which brought with it the energy to help us get clear on our visions, goals, & intentions for 2023.

But what if this retrograde is actually a sign to hang fire with the need to set your intentions right now?

Instead of being so focused on the future we have this opportunity to reflect on what's truly important to us!

How is life? Your career? Your relationship with yourself & others?

See this Retrograde as a cosmic force giving you permission to take time to get clear on your why's before figuring out the how's!

What do you value? What makes you happy? Why? Keep coming back to your why's!

Know that you don't need to make quick changes just because we're coming to 1st January. The more we rush things the faster we tend to give up which then leaves us back to square one with feelings of guilt & failure.

Instead see 2023 as the journey of a lifetime you're about to embark on which needs careful planning & considerations before moving forward.

By slowing down & gaining clarity on what truly matters to you, your visions & goals for the future will be more aligned.

Which means they are more likely to succeed as you create rituals for a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life.

Mercury will be in retrograde until 18th January 2023 so why not use this date as your timeline for getting certain on your 2023 goals, visions & plans.

Let everyone do their thing & you do YOU. There’s no need to follow the crowd!

Build a solid foundation to set your journey through 2023 off from.

Just like the tenacious Capricorn mountain goat take slow footsteps to be sure of the path ahead & trust you will get to your destination all in good time.

If you need a little support to help you find more clarity & direction in life, then my FREE 16 page Goals & Vision Planner will help you get clear on your visions and goals as well as create a clear action plan based on your reflections.

Click here to download your planner

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