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Super Full Moon in Scorpio it's time to sit with our shadows!

This Super Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio.

What does this mean?? Well for one this Moon and the period following it is going to be intense! You might have already felt the energy building.

This full 'Pink' moon as it’s known is all about TRANSFORMATION. Scorpio is the sign that allows us to experience the decay and death of old ways of thinking, being, and perceiving to rise like a Phoenix and be born again.

It’s time to face our FEARS and UNCERTAINTIES and ask yourself where can I take more risks?

I know for me one way of thinking that feels outdated is around my relationship with sex and its connection to my body. This has come to light as I go deeper into my journey of healing and owning my power as a woman. I shared a bit about this on the Shambhala Soul Sisters community page at the weekend.

At the start of this year, I felt called to get to know and make peace with my womb after realising the power she holds in our ability to connect to ourselves on a deeper level. Healing my womb space has involved looking at everything that has disconnected me from this powerful energy portal and that has included my negative relationship with sex due to past relationships and hurt.

Once you start to heal your womb you clear old energies and past experiences. Which leads to transforming negative emotions, experiences and toxic relationships into freedom and space to create new beginnings.

These days it feels as though people are more connected to their phones, than they are with their emotions and their relationship to themselves. We’ve suppressed what’s going on internally.

However our womb and heart space are deeply connected so when it is closed off how can we truly love on ourselves. I have come to learn that our womb space is a place that gives us access to our own innate wisdom and power. However, if we are disconnected from it, as we women we are unable to step fully into our divine feminine energy and creative flow that takes us closer to living our truth.

The topic of sex and sexuality is seen as a taboo subject, however what if we began to see our sexuality as spirituality, and not this taboo thing that everyone is doing, but no one is talking about. Sex is a sacred and powerful act that should be celebrated not hidden or shamed when spoken about.

As woman we are extremely hard on ourselves and of our views of other women who embrace their sexuality. When you look at your relationship with sex do you see it as a taboo subject, or are you open to discussion around it, liking and embrace it as part of your needs as a woman? And if not why not?

I can hear the gasps already lol! We are known to be prudish in Britain compared to our more liberal European neighbours.

There are so many judgements placed upon us as women which can lead to us not loving ourselves wholly and resent our womb often subconsciously.

For example, social attitudes towards women who don’t have children by a certain age, even though for some this is a personal choice or one that is out with their control due to health reasons. Or the views towards women who are transitioning through the menopause, that this is something to be ashamed of rather than being celebrated as a natural process of life.

These views have created a perception of fear so that we no longer feel complete or leave us feeling that we have lost part of ourselves. It can seem that as women we are only good for pro-creating. Yes, creating and giving birth is a powerful and life changing experience, but the very fact that you are a woman is powerful beyond our imagination.

It’s time for us to reframe these judgments and self-limiting beliefs. We are whole no matter our situation. Let’s celebrate your womb space. Let’s support and encourage each other for the divine feminine goddesses we are!

And that’s where owing our sexuality comes in. Yes, there must be boundaries around sex to keep ourselves safe, but at the same time we should feel liberated to be who we want to be. What if you were to own your sexual and sensual side of you, how would it make you feel. What if you were to dress sexy, dance sexy, speak sexy but it was to make you feel good no one else. They say we all have an alter ego the part of us that likes to take risks, the dark side that no one gets to see. Are you willing to reveal it?

This Full Moon phase asks you to recognise where you hold back? How would it be for you to honour your darker side as well as the light, and to have more fun, living as your true and authentic self?

The Moon shines a light on our darker side this month so you can heal and transform.

I would love to know your thoughts why not share them on the Shambhala Soul Sisters Community or come join me tonight for my Full Moon Circle tonight at 7pm where we can step into the sensual, dark & mysterious energy of Scorpio together. Cant make this one, then I hold monthly New & Full Moon Circles to bring like-minded women together to carve out time for self care and self love and learn how to harness the energies of the moon to live a life aligned with your souls purpose.

I hope to see you soon :)

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